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“Thank You Bj…The journey we took together to design my logo of Old Growth Oak Morgans was one that I will always treasure. You placed on canvas a picture of the devotion and passion I feel for this breed. You are not only a talented world reknown artist but a fantastic writer and friend. I cant wait to begin our next adventure!” – Wendy LeGate, Old Growth Oak Morgans

“..the oak tree in Oak & Morgan Stance”

Thank you for your excellent service, Bj.  The print arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  It is, indeed, beautiful.  I will have it framed shortly.  I must tell you that the element most magnificent to my eye (I am a biologist, not an artist 🙂 ), is the live oak tree.  I have always been in awe of the massiveness of their lateral branches, defying gravity.  By most laws of physics, they should crash to the earth long before they reach those amazing diameters.  The Morgan horse is beautiful, too, of course, and the individually painted blades of grass are just perfect.  All in all, I feel privileged to own your print.  Best wishes for continued success.  I look forward to following your work…….Geri Guidetti, CEO and Director of The Ark Institute, a botanical Noah’s ark.   www.arkinstitute.com

“..so moved by your painting of Liberty..”

When I came to your website, I had to go see the Statue of Liberty.   I do not have the words to describe how that paintng moved me.  Granted, I can go overboard about the United States, but if I was a millionaire, I would help each and every military person live in luxury.  The National Anthem makes me proud everytime, but especially, when a huge football player has tears running down his face, while it is being played.  “Pride”…that is what I saw in your painting of the Statue of Liberty.  Black Cat, Zoo in San Francisco.  His eyes tell me… he is very inquisitive. He misses very little that goes on around him.   He looks kind of empty without much companionship in his life. Lonesome.  He looks like he could be gentle with the right person. All of this combined in his eyes…. he also has the look of power in his body to give him the respect he demands. – Carol Simpson, Yuba City, CA  Prima Kosta Rancho

Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

“I have been looking for a picture of the Spanish Steps ever since my husband proposed to me there.  Your picture captures what I remember feeling when we were there.  We would love to have a picture in our bedroom to look at every night before we go to bed….”

Tammy S.

11 deCastro Copyrighted images posted on Photobucket

I was doing the monthly Copyright mining and found 11 of my paintings taken from my site and posted on Photobucket!

Artists…go do a search for your subject matter and see if your work is there.  Like I did, you can follow these steps to get your valuable images removed from the site.  (I will keep you posted, as to whether Photobucket honors their promises.)


I won’t post the links, as I don’t want any benefits going to the fool that took them:  Artemis1044 and othylleon  but here is one of the screenshots.  This one is of my Vizcaya, Florida watercolor painting…

Copyright Infringement and Photobucket

Capriole, Vienna print

Hi Bj – The picture arrived yesterday and I love it.  Thanks so much for your talent, and for making this such a smooth transaction.

All the best,


Custom mural of The Spanish Steps by deCastro

Hi bj. We have been so busy at the restaurant. We have had very positive feedback from patrons and friends alike. Everyone loves the food and ambience. The staff tell me that  people are really taken by the mural and have even taken photos standing in front of it.

Italy 528 (restuarant)