Beware: forgeries of Bj. deCastro’s artwork

I just got another call today about a website that is suspect of selling forgeries of ‘Original Oil Paintings by Bj. deCastro at wholesale prices.’  Apparently it was found by a Google search with the words Oil Paintings For Sale in California.  It was also reported to be a seller from China.  I have tried to find this site without any luck.  So please, be careful.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before you purchase from the secondary market.

Common sense usually prevails.    ‘Original’ and ‘wholesale’ are two words that don’t usually go together when talking about investment grade art by any collected artist – especially one still living and working out of their studio.  We want the value of our work to go up for the satisfaction of our collecting patrons.  We do not want ‘wholesale’ attached in any way to the art’s value.  Wholesale means, selling goods in large quantities for resale to the consumer”.   Original means, there is only one in the entire world.   The collectors of my original works pay a fair price for that honor.

 A big warehouse may have a stack of ‘student’ grade originals from multiple artists from multiple sources to be auctioned or sold at ‘wholesale’ prices.   You may find prints and reproductions advertised as ‘Direct From the Artist at wholesale prices’, but more often than not, it is simply stated ‘Buy Direct from the Artist’. 

What really peaves me the most, is when I go to these displays in front of the local grocery store, strip mall, etc., that have tons of art stacked up against the walls and a salesperson lurking about.  Straight to my face, they will sell these prints as original works of art – just as I am looking at the straight line on the edge from the printers!  Some are smartly done with impasto strokes over the printed canvas substrate on the front.  And occasionally, I even find half-way attempts at painting over the straight edged line that so evidences a ‘print’.  But many times, I will find them all nicely framed up so there is no opportunity for examination.     Here is another article I wrote on how to tell an original from a print.

If it sounds too good to be true…it is.  Again, be careful.

Merging domains, Keywords and SEO

“I want to merge old domains into one.  How should I do this?  Do I redirect?  And can you explain keywords and SEO very plainly?”

If the old sites get very little fame, then I would just start anew.  If you are going to close one, the other, or both…then there will be no redirect or .htaccess file to work with.

If it is only a case of being a financial burden, then I can give you the name of a hosting company that gives you unlimited free domains hosted, after you purchase just one…Dreamhost.  Then you can leave everything the way it is and utilize the .htaccess file.  Send them to the new domain and hopefully, there are no guarantees – keep your ranking and SERP stats. Continue reading “Merging domains, Keywords and SEO”

Free Art Submissions New Category

FREE?  As in totally you-aren’t-going-to-charge-me?  Yes.  That is right.  Bj. deCastro has decided to expand the Free Resources section of her website into her blog.  Here you will find (and it’s not as easy as you think) absolutely FREE Art Submissions to free artists contests, free artist exhibitions, free art publications, free art fairs, free art shows, free artist showings, free artist online display sites, etc. Email the information to Bj. deCastro and it will be posted here, as long as, it is FREE to the artist.

(*Boring legal disclaimer:  Bj. deCastro, deCastro Studios, decastroart, Bj.’s Web Works – or any other division of deCastro Studios, will not be held responsible for the actions of the respective companies and/or affiliations within these listings.  This is a free service.)

Carol Simpson Shares a Video

This slide show has been around in various versions.

This one is my favorite. For those of you who believe,

it will be an added ray of light to illuminate your way.

Don’t forget to turn up the volume and enjoy….

Please click on: The interview

New Catalog Posted of the Body of Work by Realism Artist, Bj. de Castro

A new and updated catalog of the body of work by de Castro has been posted to the site here:
Catalog of paintings by Realism Artist, Bj. de Castro
Cataloging the entire body of work will be a huge undertaking and will take some time, so check the site periodically for updates.
The list includes information, such as, availability of original paintings, limited edition prints, open edition prints and postcards-and also, includes details of the original works of art.
For information about the artist, you can view the News & Announcements – which lists, awards, honors, achievements, articles, exhibitions, etc. Or, you can visit the site, Bj. de Castro Art Studio.

A Chance Encounter of a Lifetime, by Wendy LeGate

NEW!!  A Chance Encounter Of A Lifetime, by Wendy LeGate.

A heart-warming story of self-discovery and the love-between a fire-engine red Morgan
stallion, and a big-hearted girl.  Share in her journey, as she follows her passion
for the newfound love of a breed, and discovers, where her destiny lies…is in the eyes
of a Morgan horse.

Read This Story>>>>

When Passions Meet…The inspiration behind Oak & Morgan Stance.

My mother always told me that I was riding horses, before I could walk.  I stood convinced of her exaggeration, until she sent me proof.  The truth is…throughout my childhood, I can’t ever remember not having horses around.  Afterall, I grew up in farm country.  It was only after a giant named, ‘Big Red’, threw me over his shoulders during an encounter with a snake in a field, that I gave up riding horses in my early teens-succumbing to the bad experience. Thirty years would pass by, before I met a woman that would re-kindle my admiration for the horse…the Morgan horse to be exact.  This is that story…

Continue reading “When Passions Meet…The inspiration behind Oak & Morgan Stance.”