Ranchita Arroyo Grande Morning

Starting a new piece called, Ranchita Arroyo Grande Morning.  It will tell a story of one of the most serene places I have ever been to in my life. “The Making Of..” pics will follow soon.

ARS makes Photobucket finally comply

I wish I would have found ARS sooner! Since March of 2011 (almost a year!), I have been form-filling and letter writing trying to get my copyrighted artworks off of Photobucket’s website. ARS stepped in…and in 1 day, yes, I said it, 1 day…they got Photobucket to comply. Thank you ARS!

Fellow Artists…if you have the same battles with copyright infringement of your artwork that I do, don’t hesitate to contact ARS for help. Here is their info:
Artists Rights Society . 536 Broadway . Fifth Floor . New York, NY 10012
(P) 1.212.420.9160 (F): 1.212.420.9286

11 deCastro Copyrighted images posted on Photobucket

I was doing the monthly Copyright mining and found 11 of my paintings taken from my site and posted on Photobucket!

Artists…go do a search for your subject matter and see if your work is there.  Like I did, you can follow these steps to get your valuable images removed from the site.  (I will keep you posted, as to whether Photobucket honors their promises.)


I won’t post the links, as I don’t want any benefits going to the fool that took them:  Artemis1044 and othylleon  but here is one of the screenshots.  This one is of my Vizcaya, Florida watercolor painting…

Copyright Infringement and Photobucket