Ranchita Arroyo Grande Morning – Middle Values

Ranchita Arroyo Grande Morning - Middle Values Next I start working on the middle values.

First is the background.  I pull out my number 1 filberts, rounds and flats to put in the shapes.

Working back to front, I move toward the middle ground and then lay in the first layers of the pasture.  As I move forward…the brushes get bigger.

Ranchita Arroyo Grande Morning - Middle values

After I get the middle and foreground covered, I move back to the background to finish the details.  I finished the out-building and fencing there.  I can’t start the oak tree canopy, until the background is finished.




Ranchita Arroyo Grande Morning - Middle values

Next I put the first coat of paint on the gate and foreground fencing. 

I also layed in the first grapevine leaves on the top of the butterfly gate.  These strokes were thick and free-spirited.  There is already a couple layers of paint on the pasture behind the leaves and since these will be very detailed at the end, I used more of a 3d modeling effect with my brushwork to make them pop out at the viewer.

The painting starts looking a little flat right about now, but that’s ok.  In the final stages of painting, I will be putting in the darkest darks and highlights to accent the details and make it come alive!