The Artist’s Eye – large details

I set my larger brushes aside and move to smaller sized rounds for adding and blending the initial detail work. Changes are subtle as I move all around the canvas correcting color, shapes and values.

The Artists Eye mirror check

My easel is setup next to a closet with mirrored doors, so as I work I can view my progress in reverse. When artwork is viewed in a mirror, it tricks the eyes and helps you to see corrections you need to make throughout the creative process.

Research and reference materials for my paintings come in different forms. I may take many photos of my subject (as many as 50) and use my camera as a sketch pad framing the perfect piece. I do thumbnail sketches and paintings; or I occasionally paint ‘en plein air’.

Another trick I use, when painting away from the studio, is to take a picture of my work in progress and ‘flip’ the image in my phone, camera or laptop software. This serves up the same result as in this ‘mirror’ pic.