Beware: Oil Paintings Gallery dot com Steals deCastro images!

Bj. deCastro art image theft

Beware of Forgeries! 

Collectors, Please be aware that yet another site has been stealing my artwork and selling it painted by their artists.  These are forgeries of my work.  If you have any doubt as to the authenticity of one of my pieces, please email me.

oil paintings gallery dot com

3 Replies to “Beware: Oil Paintings Gallery dot com Steals deCastro images!”

  1. We managed to get my artwork taken down from the site. However, I encourage all artists to pass this news on and to check the site for their own pieces. They strip your name and file under the category of “Unfamiliar” in the Artists A-Z list. Please pass this on!

  2. They have been reported to the Better Business Bureau. A case file is open while they argue with me over the fact that I didn’t prove to them, well enough, that painting is mine. Also, that their innocence is based on the fact that they farm images off of the internet and ignorantly assume that if its on the web, its free.

    “…there were more than 1.2 million similar renditions available on the internet at that time.” (from their attorney) oops… caught ya picking through Google Search.

    In their first letter to me, they stated, “…it was not unintentional.”

    Please note: You CAN NOT take images off of the internet for purposes of reproduction to sell from Artist and Photographer’s websites. It is illegal.

    Artists: do a search once a month for the ‘Title’ of your piece. And do a search for your complete domain addy where they are hosted. Move to the back pages of the search engine and patiently go through the ‘images’.

    These people are usually stupid enough to steal you image and then only link to the image on your server – not even bothering to upload to their own. A strange link to your image will be found on their website. Or like in this case, they stole the image off my server, then used the same title as my painting.

  3. Whats even more amusing…. “DeCastro, however, has continued to complain, publishing several false and defamatory statements…”

    If my signature on the painting is not enough… then I don’t have to prove squat to you morons… lol… that is my husband in the damn thing – sitting on the fountain! lol.

    if you are going to be stupid and steal… then be smart enough not to get caught. And if you get caught… dont be double-stupid and tickle the tiger.

    Everytime I see another letter from your attorney… I will have the great pleasure of giving a news report here.


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