Short Video & Art contest

Welcome to Zannel Fest

The World’s Most Gargantuan Short Video & Art Contest

Charge up your batteries, polish your lens, do some deep knee bends and wash out your paint brushes cuz it’s Zannel Fest! It’s the contest that challenges you to create pieces of media that you think will amuse and inspire people so much that they’ll feel like snatching a Russian satellite and broadcasting it to the world.

spacerCheck out the categories and prizes, sign up, and upload your work!
It’s as easy as shaking a stick.
People are free to submit as much as they want in the picture or video categories.  Also, as an added bonus, anyone who submits to the contest is going to get their own channel on our Zannel network, which is be a whole new way to share pictures and videos on mobile phones as well as the web.  The network is also free to use, and we will be launching our open beta next month, and more officially in March.