What is ‘Spidered’ – put simply.

‘Spidered’ is what it is called when the Search Engines decide your site is worthy of listing in their databases and your files are spread across the Internet.  (sites do not show up in searches, until they are listed.)

The norm, after the SE’s find/list your site, is a probationery period to weed out all the temporary spam sites.  Most of my clients are spidered in six months at the very outset with the plethora of SEO and marketing that I do in the background.  Ranking is the ‘value’ they place on your site, which will come later.  This is what determines if you are on page 10,123,000 for the search term…or on the first page.  Personally, I want all of my clients on page 1.  < (';')>  Most searchers will not go past the fourth search page.

Find/list  (book you) 
Spider  (talk about you)
Rank  (evaluate you) 

Hope this helps,