What is a link farm? Should I submit?

“Bj…would you take a look at this link request and tell me if it is a good thing?”

Good morning!

If you click on the link and go to the page, you will see that what they are
offering you is an EIGHT page-deep link farm.  *Remember what I told you
about SE spiders only going 4 deep?  There are rare exceptions, but always pertaining to articles (content).  That means the page they are touting ‘a grandiose future’ – will never be ranked at all.

Google now PENALIZES the link that is placed in ‘link farms’.  *New rule (I
know, always changing….but that is why you have me, LOL.)  The only
exception that we want to place here, is if the link farm has a PR ranking
higher than 3 – and it MUST be on topic with your site…specifically!

In return from your website, you would be giving them a TWO page-deep link on a 2-3 PR ranked page!  With the new rules, it is not about kindness…it is more like Bank Monies.  Link to a high PR page and you earn dividends.  Link to a low PR page and you pay charges.

Link Farms are completely automated.  Meaning, these are not hand selected and code-written ‘natural’ links (like you have and what Google looks for).  The directory, the emails, the links…it is all handled through software on their server.  The Search Engines know this and can identify them immediately as places of no value.  According to Google, a site that
participates in a link farm may have it’s search rankings penalized.  Search
engines try to identify specific attributes associated with link farm pages
and filter those pages from indexing and search results.  In some cases,
entire domains are removed from the search engine indexes to prevent them from influencing search results.

Things to look for:

1-There is often times (not always) a ‘directory path’ lined up on the top
of the page, i.e., home > pets > horses > breeders > united states > pacific coast > California (all of these would be links).

2-You will sometimes see ‘hits’ or ‘most popular’ meters.

3-You will always find – or be requested via an email, to go visit the site
and submit all the info yourself.

Please keep in mind, it doesn’t matter what the homepage ranking for their website is, which is what they will brag about to you.  If they are not
putting your link on their homepage, it makes NO difference.  It is always
and only the ranking of the page they place your link on that is – or is
not, the benefit to your site.