Art Fakes

It is unfortunate and absolutely NOT a compliment that Bj. de Castro’s Fine Art Paintings and Prints are being forged.  In order to protect unsuspecting buyers and decastroart’s International Copyright Law Rights, we are going to start listing the offenders below.

Bj. has hundreds of agents representing her work.  If you have a question about one, please contact Bj. first.  The only way to assure you are buying an authentic Bj. de Castro art piece is to buy only from the seller named ‘decastroart’ on eBay, or only from the Official Bj. de Castro website:

International Copyright Law Offenders:

eBay Item number: 8285504537 – Oak & Morgan Stance
eBay Item number: 8285505048 – Valle de Vinales, Cuba
eBay Item number: 8285505843 – Chesapeake Sunset
eBay Item number: 8285506199 – Nappers, Hawaii, oil 

(Thief) eBay Seller: advanceantique6688 (173 feedback rating)