Information on value of Ted Lewy Watercolor Paintings

I am looking for information on Ted Lewy watercolor paintings. I have three paintings signed and dated by Ted Lewy and an looking for a value for insurance . Do you have any information on him or can you lead me to someone who does? email Jill

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  1. Jill sorry for the delay in my response, as I have been hit with this flu that is going around. Bad timing for the Holidays, 😉
    I am including some links to pages that may be of some help to you. Keep in mind, it usually takes a bit of research and lots of clicks to find out these answers-without paying sky-rocket prices for an offical art appraiser to take a look at the pieces. I have also posted this question on my blog page so that someone else might see it and be able to help you. You can keep an eye on the comments here:
    Art Blog






    I am happy to help and best of luck to you on your hunt!

    Bj. de Castro
    Bj. de Castro

  2. I also have two paintings from Ted Lewy that I pick up at a secound hand store. They are in great shape and wanting to their value. One is of the golden gate bridge, the other of some fishermen with a net. Any information will be helpful.
    Thanks A.C

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