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Good day.
This is Sergey from RUSSIA. My Dad, Vasilij Belikov, was the artist. He has created a lot of beautiful oil paintings. In 1994 he died. Unfortunately the artist is almost unknown among the connoisseurs, collectors and lovers of art. So I am trying now to acquaint the world with his art through Internet. . Towards this end I have developed my own web site It contains info about the artist, his statement and a lot of colour images of his fine artworks. Some of them are offered for sale. Regarding the prices – they are quite saleable.

If you can help me anyway with promotion and selling the paintings, please, let me know. Maybe you know any galleries or privite collectors who probably would be interested in purchasing some arts by my father? I need your advice. I’ll be glad to get any answer from you.
Thank you and best regards.
Sergey Belikov, RUSSIA

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  1. Sergey,
    Thank you for your email and the invitation to view your father’s work. I
    enjoyed my visit to your site and have added a link to your father’s work
    Artist’s Links
    I do have a suggestion for you…and that would be eBay! I do very well
    there with my work and you have several options on selling. The more
    expensive items that you do not want to sell for too little can be placed in
    an eBay store for as little as .06 cents (US) a month. Other items, you can
    place in the auctions in different formats i.e., auction-style listings and
    fixed-price listings. Now, the bonus to all of this…is that many art
    representatives, dealers, gallery owners and the like, browse the eBay
    listings looking new artists and artworks. This is an added exposure bonus!
    My auctionswill give you a idea. You can also
    visit my store by clicking on any of the listings and get an idea of how I
    have set mine up. Also, I do a lot of International shipping and have had
    no problems collecting payment through Paypal. You can sign up here:
    I hope this helps and please email me, if there are any other questions that
    I might be able to help you with.
    Bj. de Castro

  2. Bj.
    Regarding auction eBay. Please, explain me how can I work with them?
    Whether I must ship the oils or thier digital images?
    How much I must pay for it?
    How can I start? Etc.
    All the best,

  3. Sergey,
    Signing up is easy. I would sign up with Paypal first, since they will give
    you all the billing, shipping services that you need. You can do that here:
    Then click on the eBay Marketplace logo on this page:
    Auctions and then click on the register link at
    the top. It is very easy. They have wizards for everything, so the only
    info you need is a pic (which you can upload and store on eBay, or put in
    the url of the pic on your website) and description of the artwork. Again,
    I would recommend opening a store, which they also offer. They also have
    made it very, very easy to set up.
    There will be no charge to sign up to Paypal. They charge a commission only
    after the sale has processed.
    There is no charge to sign up to eBay. They charge a nominal listing fee
    and a final value fee. The final value fee you only pay if the item sells.
    The fees are on a sliding scale according to the value of the item.
    After the item sells, you can print the shipping label right from Paypal.
    Pack it, weigh it and slip the label on. Now, eBay even has International
    Shipping Calculators, so they have taken all the extra work out. You can
    even request free package pick-up (next day).
    Get started and then email me with any other questions you have as you go
    Bj. de Castro

  4. Hello,
    I have a similar question regarding
    I am hesitating to set up a small “online store” for inexpensive gifts (mugs, calendars, cards, “mini-prints”…) themed to my mother’s watercolor art. Her website is . Do you have any experience with cafepress? Is it a usefull source of income/visibility ?

    Thank you very much in advance

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